Everyone knows that a recruiter has to find a good technical fit , yes! But most of time this is not enough. In real, all companies have a unique feel and different expectations. So that, in order to find the right talent for a long time we also have to find a good cultural match with the company culture. Just with this perfect matching, a long term solidarity would arise for both.
Of course, the meeting for both side is the interview process. Today, the candidates do not want experience classical  interviews. First of all as a recruiter; if we want to see the real characteristics and wishes of a candidate; we have create a great interview which flows like a good conversation, for sure! Making conversation about the role must be meaningful for the candidates. At the moments the candidates feel that they are loosing time with your company, you loose the conversation and the candidate.
So that knowing the company especially culture of it, the managers and the position is the first and most important part of our job.  If you even don’t understand the real requirements, you would not be effective in finding the right talents.  Working with the hiring managers closely to fully understand the job functions and imagine the working environments is essential in order to understand the expectations and tell the reality for a job requirement to the candidates. This makes a recruiter succesfull because recruiting is now very automated process. Representing the company and the vision, being passionate about what we offer is not only the image of the company but also the image of the way how we work!